LANDSCAPE – Lightroom Presets

LANDSCAPE – Lightroom Presets


Landscape – Lightroom Preset Collection (For Desktop)

6 x Landscape Presets

This is my Landscape Preset Collection, and it includes 6 of my presets. These presets are designed to give a moody and dreamy look into your photos.

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There are multiple ways that these presets can be used. Each preset has been designed so that you can click it and with that single click transform your image into something different. However, it’s important to know that lighting conditions change wherever you go which means, most of the time you will have to adjust the ‘Basic’ Tool module within Lightroom to achieve the final look you are hoping for.

You can do simple adjustments using the Exposure and Contrast can usually do the trick, and also the Highlights, Shadows, Whites and Blacks within the same module can offer even more flexibility to help adjust each preset to fit the lighting in each of your photos.

These presets are designed and will work for Lightroom on both Mac and Windows. Make sure to have the newest update of Adobe Lightroom.

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